Women’s Fitness Wear in Bold Colors and Prints

womens fitness wear

Forget boring black leggings — these days, you can find women’s fitness wear in fun colors and prints to keep you inspired to hit the gym. The best part: many of these styles can double as everyday wardrobe staples if you’re wearing them with a tee or long sweater.

When it comes to finding workout clothes that are both functional and fashionable, Stokes says Lululemon is the go-to brand. “Their clothing washes well, holds up to repeated wear and is really comfortable,” she says. And the label’s yoga and Pilates accessories (like mats, blocks and bolsters) are designed to support your workouts and help you improve your technique.

The 1940s and 1950s were a time when hyper-femininity, romanticism and historicism were prevalent in fashion, along with the highly desirable hourglass figure that was practically unobtainable without body-shaping foundation garments like bullet bras and girdles. The ideal body of the 1960s, however, shifted towards thin and muscular while still remaining feminine, and the new emphasis placed on physical fitness saw an increase in activewear options such as leotards and joggers.

Fitness Fashionista: Stay Stylish with Women’s Fitness Wear for Every Workout

Today, you can’t walk past a gym or a street corner without seeing a sea of Nike sneakers and the brand’s lust-worthy women’s activewear, including the best running shorts, sports bras, hoodies and leggings in a variety of bold hues. The athletic apparel brand’s Dri-Fit fabric keeps you cool and dry and, more recently, has expanded its size offerings.

Other standouts include Austin-based Outdoor Voices, which changed the game for workout dresses in 2018 with its innovative design that features built-in shorts tucked into the skirt. It’s a look that has become a template for many other activewear brands. And Nordstrom’s own Zella brand has mastered the art of no-frills activewear, with a selection that includes everything from sweatshirts and zip-ups to joggers and leggings in of-the-moment patterns.

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