Top White Rums

top white rum

Despite being the top white rum in a mojito or daiquiri, it’s often overlooked as a sipping spirit. That’s a shame because it’s versatile, mixable, and can provide excellent value. It’s also more complex than you might expect, with a range of flavors that can include coconut, tropical fruits, vanilla, banana, and gently spiced bourbon.

There isn’t really a single definition of white rum, though the term usually applies to clear rum that has been filtered to remove color. This can be done after distillation or in a process called “rectification,” which is when a mixture is redistilled to remove the impurities that make the rum cloudy.

Crowning Glory: Discovering the Pinnacle of Flavor with the Top White Rums in the Market

The most classic white rums are distilled from sugarcane juice, which results in a light and clean taste that goes well with fruit flavors. These are usually aged in oak for a smooth palate and may be filtered to remove any color. They’re a common choice for mixing cocktails and are especially good in drinks with citrus, like the Cuba Libre.

More recently, there have been many high-quality white rums that are crafted from multiple different distilleries or even across multiple islands, resulting in a more complex and flavorful drink. These multi-origin or infused white rums tend to be very sippable and often have flavors like coconut, vanilla, mango, banana, and a hint of bourbon. These are a great addition to your rum collection.

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