Stem MBA Programs

Stem mba programs are a perfect fit for students with an academic background in science, engineering or technology who are interested in pursuing a career in business. A STEM MBA program is designed to build your management skills while also providing the opportunity to develop a strong technical background in areas such as accounting, business analytics, decision theory, finance, economics, information technology, law, marketing, and strategy.

What is STEM MBA?

The global business landscape is rapidly changing due to the emergence of data and technologies that are increasingly influencing business decisions, as well as a shortage of talent in the field of STEM. This has prompted several B-schools to update their curriculums to equip their students with the technological precepts and data-riven tools that now govern the business world.

William and Mary’s MBA/MSBA Major – With the global economy becoming more tech-driven, it is critical to possess a comprehensive knowledge of the managerial and leadership tenets that are essential in this digital age. William and Mary’s MBA/MSBA program, therefore, helps you to attain a fusion of business acumen, leadership skills, managerial brilliance, and technical proficiency – the 360-degree learning that is integral to solving the nuanced complications of this volatile global business world.

University of Georgia’s Terry MBA – This 1-year MBA program is available to all Georgia undergrad students who have completed an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or technology. The program aims to provide students with the opportunity to gain a holistic understanding of business fundamentals through 8 MBA core courses and a Business Intelligence course, while ensuring that each student is able to tailor their curriculum to suit their individual learning needs through experiential learning scopes and Capstone projects.

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