OKX Review – Is OKX Safe?

is okx safe


It’s is okx safe to note that cryptocurrency transactions are one-way, meaning that it is impossible to reverse a trade or send the wrong amount of funds to an address. This makes it even more critical to double-check all transaction details and to only use trusted P2P traders.

The OKX app offers password protection, biometric verification, and mandatory 2FA (using SMS or Google Authenticator code). It’s also important to never trade on public Wi-Fi, as hackers in public places can steal your login details and gain access to your account.

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Aside from password protection, OKX offers additional account security features such as cold storage of the majority of customer assets and a mobile application with a separate security layer to prevent malware attacks and phishing. In addition, all accounts are verified, and the exchange will take action to resolve any disputes that might arise.

While most of the OKX platform is self-service, they do offer a robust help page and chat support to assist with any questions you may have. Also, they are currently exploring the use of passkeys instead of passwords for enhanced security.

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