Musical Instrument Music History

Music is the art of arranged sounds in specific time to create a composition by the components of melody, beat, rhythm, and rhythm. It’s one of those universal aspects of human cultures that impacts all our lives. We all have heard songs at some point, whether it be from our grandparents or our favorite artists, and it has been said that music can put people to tears. Music touches our emotions and can make us laugh, cry, feel sad, happy, angry, or excited.

Musical instruments are utilized to create music as a means of communicating, expressing, alerting, and motivating the listeners. The history of music goes far back into our history, when the use of musical instruments such as the lute, recorder, and the bow and drum were discovered. Many of the worlds earliest music has been discovered in excavations made by archaeologists. Throughout history, musical instruments have played a significant role in social gatherings and religions through religious ceremonies and dances.

Composing music is not easy, especially with the complicated technology that we now have. Many people in history and throughout time have attempted to write music, but very few have ever actually been able to compose a piece of music. Most composers were forced to learn the skills needed to compose, with the exception of the more highly accomplished ones. However, there are many examples of great composers throughout the history of Western music – composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, and many more.

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