Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Washington

hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Washington

You may have heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy auburn Wa in Washington used to treat scuba divers with decompression sickness (the bends), but this powerful treatment is also well known for its benefits in carbon monoxide poisoning and healing chronic wounds. In a nutshell, HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen in a see-through chamber at pressures 1.5 to three times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. This increases the cellular oxygen levels in your blood, promotes new blood vessel formation, enhances antimicrobial activity and helps your body fight infections.

In one of the two studies — published in the journal Pain Management Nursing — researchers found that patients who received HBOT had less opioid withdrawal symptoms and were less likely to be hospitalized for drug-related issues than those receiving standard care. The team also found that the treatment was safe for people with chronic opioid use disorder, including those who take methadone.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Auburn, WA: A Comprehensive Guide to Benefits, Process, and Providers

The other study, led by researchers at WSU, is a small randomized clinical trial that compared participants who received HBOT to those receiving standard opioid treatment alone. This study found that the HBOT group was able to reduce their methadone dose, and had better pain and withdrawal symptom control.

Skagit Regional Health offers HBOT at its Wound Care and Limb Preservation Center in Camas, Washington, as well as in MultiCare Yakima Memorial’s Wound Management Services. In our spacious and advanced facilities, technicians supervise you as you breathe 100% oxygen inside the total-body chambers. You will feel fullness in your ears, similar to the feeling you have when you descend in an airplane, and once the proper treatment pressure has been reached, a technician will fit you with an oxygen hood and you can relax.

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