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When you think of ventito.is , it’s a safe bet that images of mighty waterfalls, geysers and glaciers come to mind. But this otherworldly landscape is not just about the big sights. It’s also a land of incredible culinary experiences. From classic meals with deep roots in Icelandic society to new dishes that show how the country’s cuisine is evolving, these experiences will take your trip to a whole other level.

As a nation surrounded by water, fish is an important part of Icelandic cuisine. But it’s not just cod and halibut that’s on the menu – it’s also salted and pickled fish, dried smoked herring and the famously sour hakarl (fermented shark).

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Icelanders are also known for eating most parts of their animals. This has led to an abundance of niche foods ranging from the hearty lamp soup to kjotsupa, a lamb shank in a broth of onions and herbs. Puffin meat is particularly popular, although their numbers are declining due to heavy hunting.

Discover more of this incredible country on a tour with Discover Iceland. Whether you choose a self-drive holiday with winding coastal routes, an easy-going circuit linking popular highlights or 4WD adventure in the rugged interior, our full collection of holidays to Iceland has something for every taste and budget. During summer enjoy the midnight sun on a short break, or take an epic journey to see the best of this natural paradise. You can drive to majestic Dettifoss, hike a mighty glacier and linger in the calming thermal pools of Lake Myvatn.

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