Drug Treatment Center Near Manhattan


In Manhattan, where the city never sleeps, there are many individuals who struggle with drug addiction. A drug treatment center near Manhattan can help people get back on track with their lives and learn how to cope with everyday stress without using drugs or alcohol. The goal of any reputable drug treatment program is to give patients the tools they need to live a healthy, happy life and stay drug-free.

How is addiction and mental health treated?

Inpatient centers offer the most comprehensive treatment. They are live-in facilities that provide medically supervised detox, behavioral therapy and other services. Most inpatient programs last 30 to 90 days. Long-term rehab is available as well, and is often a good option for people who struggle with severe addiction problems or have co-occurring mental health issues. It can last up to two years or more.

Outpatient Addiction treatment center Manhattan is less intensive than inpatient programs, and allows you to return home between sessions. Some outpatient treatment programs are designed for people who have work or other responsibilities that require them to be on the go, and may only meet once or twice per week. Some outpatient programs offer partial hospitalization, which is more comprehensive than regular outpatient treatment, but not as comprehensive as inpatient addiction treatment.

There are many addiction treatment programs in New York that are free or provided on a sliding scale basis. These programs are usually operated by religious organizations or by state-funded agencies. Individuals who are unable to pay for addiction treatment can still get help by contacting a drug rehab facility and asking about financial assistance programs.

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