Does Weed Stems Get You High?

does weed stems get you high

Does weed stems get you high?

When you’re short on bud, it’s easy to get tempted to smoke some leftover does weed stems get you high or chew on them. But it’s not a good idea!
Smoking weed stems is not only harmful to your lungs, but it also doesn’t produce the same effects as smoking bud. Stems don’t contain enough THC to get you high, and inhaling smoke can be a harsh experience for your lungs, making it more likely to cause headaches, coughing, and sore throats.

The Stem Dilemma: Can Smoking Weed Stems Actually Get You High

Instead of smoking your stems, consider making them into cannabis tea. Stems can be decarboxylated before brewing to convert THCA (the cannabinoid in marijuana that doesn’t get you high) into THC, which is what produces the psychoactive effect. You can also use the resulting cannabis tea to make tinctures, topicals, and other marijuana products.

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