Choosing a Professional Colored Pencil

Crayon de couleur pro colored pencil is a versatile and easy-to-use medium that allows artists to express their creativity with a great degree of control. While other art media like oil paint and acrylics can be more intimidating, colored pencil is a medium that beginners can master without worrying about making a mess or inhaling toxic fumes. This versatility and ease of use is why colored pencils have gained popularity among artists.

There are a variety of colors and set sizes that you can choose from when choosing professional colored pencils. Many sets of colored pencils have between 24 and 36 colors, although if you are creating highly detailed artwork, you may need more. In addition, you can opt for soft or hard based colored pencils. These are important features, as they will affect how well the pencils will perform on your drawing surface and whether or not the colors can be easily blended.

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The best rated colored pencils will have a hard, break resistant core that is soft enough to allow for fine details and blending. They should also have a high level of lightfastness, which means that the pigment will not fade over time. The binder that the pencils have is another factor to consider. Some have a wax-based binder that can be layered and burnished, while others are water-based and provide a glossy finish. Some water-based colored pencils can produce a white haze on the paper known as wax bloom, which needs to be wiped away or prevented with a fixative spray.

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