Driveway Paving in Chesapeake, Virginia

In the state of Virginia, homeowners have a wide range of driveway options to choose from. Driveway pavers, as opposed to asphalt or concrete driveways are a more popular option here. There are many reasons for this including cost, maintenance, aesthetics, and distance. Let’s take a look at some of the driveway paving Chesapeake VA.

Driveway Paving in Chesapeake Va – Making Your House Look Better

Concrete Driveway Pavers have many benefits over other types of driveway paving. For starters, concrete pavers are a more durable surface that can handle the onslaught of the weather that Virginia sees. They’re also a flexible, wear-resistant surface that can move easily in response to earthquake movement, something residents of the Chesapeake area will need to be aware of in a hurricane-prone area like Chincoteague Island. And finally, concrete pavers are a fairly cheap alternative to asphalt, and can also be colored to match your home’s exterior.

Other driveway pavers available in Chesapeake include flagstone, crushed stone and even clay tiles. However, in terms of cost, they’re more comparable to concrete. Clay tiles, for instance, cost approximately half the price of concrete, but they’re more pliable, absorbent and stain-resistant. Finally, clay driveways are more appealing than concrete or flagstone, and can often be installed as walkways in addition to used as a driveway.