Best Playground Markings UK

Choosing the right Best Playground Markings for your school’s outdoor learning environment can be daunting, but the benefits can be far-reaching. High-quality playground markings appeal to every type of learning style, encouraging students to move around, touch, feel, listen and project their voices, all while providing a clear visual representation of what they are doing.

This company specialises in thermoplastic playground markings, with a huge range of products available to choose from. These markings are pre-formed and applied to the tarmac surface by heated specialist equipment, then cooled down and left to set before they can be used. Thermoplastic markings are long-lasting and can be used for a variety of educational purposes, including counting games, grids or more fun designs such as animals. They are also a great way to encourage children to interact with each other, which is vital for social development.

Thermmark Playground Markings UK

Thermmark is a global leader in thermoplastic materials and markings, with a huge variety of products available from their base in the UK. They work in all sectors and have a strong focus on health and safety, which is essential for the education sector. They provide a wide range of playground markings that are both functional and inspirational, as well as offering a full portfolio of health and safety support materials for use at any site. Their website features a number of customer reviews from previous clients, which is a good indicator of how happy customers are with their services.

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