Exploring Modern Fragrances: The Scent of Feminism

There are hundreds of fragrances bottled each year, seeking to capture feelings like joy, sex and love. However, a few scents seem to be capturing more than just a feeling—they’re also conveying feminism vibes. One example is Stella McCartney’s POP fragrance, which the designer created to show that women are a force to be reckoned with. It’s a millennial-pink, floral-fruity fragrance with hints of peach and lily that has been endorsed by celebrities such as Amandla Stenberg, Grimes and Kenya Kinski Jones.

The Scent of Feminism: Exploring Modern Fragrances exhibition’s immersive installations will take visitors on an olfactory journey that is inspired by the perfumers’ identities, influences and skills. On arrival, they will be provided with a note-book to record their impressions of each fragrance. These impressions will then be displayed for other visitors to read and bring together the olfactory and visual elements of the display.

Feminism in Fragrance: Unveiling the Empowering Scents of Modern Womanhood

Fragrance is an integral part of personal style, complementing outfits and expressing personality. This is especially true for Gen Z, who view fashion and scent as interconnected expressions of identity. The exhibition will showcase the interplay between fashion and fragrance as it explores the work of ten perfume pioneers. Whether self-taught or classically trained, each perfumer challenges long-held conventions in fragrance design—from creation and communication to gender and good taste—pushing their craft in daring olfactory directions.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding transparency in the production of perfumes. They want to know if the ingredients in their perfumes are ethically sourced and what impact they have on communities. They are also looking for brands that make sustainability a priority, such as those that offer refills or bottles that can be reused.

Royal Rehab Petersham – Acquiring MetroRehab

Royal Rehab is an iconic organisation recognised as a leader in rehabilitation and disability support across NSW, Queensland & Victoria. Throughout our 120-year history we have established a reputation for creativity and innovation. This is achieved through nurtured partnerships with universities and collaboration between Royal Rehab staff and external researchers.

In recognition of this, Royal Rehab Petersham is pleased to announce the acquisition of MetroRehab Hospital in Sydney’s inner west, adding another dimension to our range of rehabilitation services. Bringing MetroRehab into the Royal Rehab family will help us deliver our purpose of supporting people to live life to its fullest, regardless of their illness or injury, and help them to return to the community as strong and active citizens.

Breakthru College: Your Gateway to Education

Previously known as MetroRehab Hospital, this private rehabilitation hospital offers 37 beds for both day and inpatient rehabilitation services. The hospital specialises in multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation and offers programs for neurological, stroke rehabilitation, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, reconditioning, cancer, pain management and more. It also features an allied health clinic providing expert physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics and speech pathology.


Ideally located in the heart of Petersham, our team is a mix of experienced and highly qualified professionals who are passionate about helping patients reach their goals. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of care and patient experience at all times, in keeping with our mission to deliver the best outcomes for every individual we work with. We are fully certified against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) by Global Mark Pty Ltd.…

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