How an Order Fulfillment Company Can Transform Your Ecommerce Business

One of the most important parts of the ecommerce journey is making sure your customers receive the products they paid for, without damage or delay. A poorly executed fulfillment strategy can cause you to lose a customer before they even give your brand a try.

What are fulfillment types?

The best way to ensure that orders are shipped correctly, on time and without error is by implementing effective logistics processes. A well-oiled supply chain can help you meet the rising expectations of today’s consumers, who are accustomed to fast shipping and a wide range of delivery options.

An order fulfilment company (also known as a third-party logistics service) can handle the details of your supply chain, from inventory management and picking to packaging, printing shipping labels, and shipping your orders to customers.

They may also offer returns management, which includes inspecting returned items for damage, checking them back into inventory or disposing of them as appropriate.

Using a 3PL can free you up to focus on improving your product, gaining more customers, and growing your startup. Whether you’re already handling fulfillment in-house, at the early stages of a business, or looking to grow into new markets, an analysis of your current process could uncover hidden inefficiencies and ways to improve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, optimizing your logistics practices will save you money and deliver the best customer experience possible. It all starts with supply chain visibility.