Improvely Detects Click Fraud

detect click fraud

Detect click fraud

If you’ve ever run a pay per click advertising campaign online, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with invalid clicks that eat up your budget. This type of fraud is especially common among competitors who want to keep you from winning business, or people trying to inflate their ad revenue by using automated bots.

The most basic way to detect click fraud is to observe the user’s click and action timestamp. If you notice hundreds or thousands of clicks with no action, that’s a sign of a bot network.

Uncovering the Hidden Threat: An In-Depth Look at Click Fraud Detection Techniques

Bots are automated programs that can be set to do things like mouse movements and random pauses before clicking a link. These are designed to look like a legitimate human user, so they can sneak through click-tracking software and use the fake traffic to drive conversions or other actions that can skew your data.

When you detect click fraud, Improvely will send suspicious clicks to a warning page, not your website, and give you their IP address and instructions on how to block them from seeing your ads. This way, you can show your competitors that you’re aware of their malicious activity and stop them from draining your budget.

Improvely also proactively alerts your ad networks that you’re aware of this issue and gives them all the details they need to report it to them. When ad networks see that your website is in the crosshairs of an attacker, they can stop you from running ads there – and the same goes for search engines that display your PPC ads.